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Era Ten 4 Sep 19


We continued our travel to Mintaka, destroying a smuggler along the way. We arrived and decided the prime threat became to eliminate the Verdigris main station. The party collectively built a Hellbomb. Then after four or so hurtles, we evaded their screening ships, boarded the base, breached the core power section, defeated the ten Target Number guards and escaped out to a safe distance. The Hellbomb activated, the threat (for now) was neutralized.



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Dinged lvl 4 -- Cimmer Mike (posted: 9/4/2019) 
Having a hard time getting them cross wise -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/4/2019) 
Horizontal? -- Cimmer Mike (posted: 9/4/2019) 
Yes ... Yes ... and ship -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/4/2019) 
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