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Dragon Con Click Bait ...


But ... click it with a smile in your heart.

Leave the geeks alone to dress up ... they a'int hurting no one.


(Any time you can get Earth 2 GL, Earth 2 Flash and Doctor Fate in a single shot, I say it's a good day.)

I see you too Luthor, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold --- huzzah to you all.

(Was this a DC Only shot?)


   Iron Conrad

Message Replies:
I thought some of them was banned? -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 9/7/2019) 
Maybe the picture was actually SDCC? -- Geek Mike (posted: 7/9/2019) 
Oh I don't want them at the Game Table ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/7/2019) 
Were colors all off -- red (posted: 9/8/2019) 
The light blue Superman is legit ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/8/2019) 
Colors can't be "wrong." -- Geek Mike (posted: 9/9/2019) 
Curt Swan Superman can't be beat -- Man of Iron Conrad (posted: 9/9/2019) 
Byrnes Not Too Shabby either -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/9/2019) 
Agreed, and... -- Geek Mike (posted: 9/9/2019) 
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