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World of Warcraft: Classic


This sounds interesting to me. If it appears in August all the better. Early June and I may miss the launch and feel sad (resistant to join).

Joining a WOW fresh, like 2004, no one yet at sixty, all the gear pretty much used, the auction house hardly open...should be fun. A flashback play of my first experiences, yet I'll have some memories on where to go and how to jump start advancement. Like going on Blimp to Barrens before wasting too much effort in (have to look it up, can't find it), place next to the Undead capital. I'll need to test my install and such before Summer.

I plan to play my original Rojo template, Rogue, Undead, Alchemist, Flower picker; need my fade weed. For the Horde! on a PvP server (if available). Though the dragon leatehr will be much desired later in the cap at sixty play. I believ you an retrain with a setback loss, right/ Switch to alchemist Leather craft after I gain some money. Will take to fifty to save enough for amount!

PvE only, I may not waste my time. I'll grab the stealth upgrades so I can walk invisible right through mobs (and players). I'll know to get better gear and not use every magic item I find. Some you sell. Wish I could do an instance, but you need five good players in classic. Would take the entire Weds crew and then some. Got to have a sell-daughter at the auction house (as it amps up). I want to see Warcraft again as I have once before. This will be my third time playing. Est. ten hours a day (if the wife is in a show).

I'm hoping this will be true classic. No seasonal events, no frivolous pets, elite everywhere, hard to run about, no arenas or battle places? Cap at sixty. Crater the last place you truly need to go to fight an elemental or dinos. I want Blizzard to be sincere, the game at launch with some patches as needed. No, don't put back the stuck spots or resoruce spawns that won't collect. Yet I want to be afraid of those guys in the pumpkin patch (as I was). They killed me three times before I finished the quest. I want to know I can die in the start location. Red zone mobs from the start. I hopefully won't be disappointed.

I won't join a clan or team with anyone unless I know them. (May be a tough go so no promise on that last one.) Maybe I get a set time and run with some friendlies. That poison tower quest is a tough one. As I recall the earlier parrot killed me ten times as well. Not sure what parrot gave? Pickpocket? Fading/ It was important but not like poisons on the blades. The king in the vault next to windmills was a bear as well. I won't accidentally wander into the Spiders this time. All coming back now, tough times. I expect to die to fish faced men. I expect to get chased by Drudge (oops, wrong game.)

Or I will just fondly recall this as I work on Era Ten. Maybe just four hours a day of play. And some character maintenance. Paladins? I hated those guys (even as I eventually played one in the Alliance). Always in the wrong server, getting killed by players with less arthritic hands. Need one of those spring loaded squeezy things to build strength.

My only regret, I can't do this while at a corporation paying me by the hour. Statue of limitation applies.



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