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Outlands 27 March


We were in the underworld. The session got off to a rough beginning testing a new feature of play. I had used a spare laptop and Skype to add a camera with the game deck. After we got everyone on the same page, I thought it went fine. Though one player mentioned he might need to add a second monitor to truly make it and Epic Table accessible. Monitors are actually not that expensive, so I suggest he do so. The extra glim-glam is a few steps closer to setting up our games on TWITCH. Iím hoping sooner, not later, to let people peak in on our game sessions. I donít know that youíll laugh as much as I do, but the games will then have an archive for any player to catch-up on the action when he misses a week. Why always male pronouns? Iím old and tech-life is confusing enough. Done and done on that topic.

Our true leader, Lady Moridin of the Shield, sat brooding (arriving late); we had to find someone to point in answer to our question where next? Two people stepped forward; Cyrul pushed his rival aside and became our decider. We were winding in the First Kingly Tombs. The monsters would be Nasty and Enraged. The traps mere ordinary but would deliver vicious. One of our group was a mistake away for death. I would lose my Rugged trait advantage and the adventure would take our last Trait Clever counter.

A tangled ruin took three rolls, ordinary, but those three actions could never be repeated this delve. Our own abilities were becoming a resource to spend. Arguments were made to specialize, do what we each did best and wait to use the common abilities. Wise counsel, soon ignored.

A Barbican Gate guarded by Nasty Enraged root people. The very trees were trying to kill us. The spirits of the Kings, some of them, must have moved to the plants, clinging to second rebirth of life. We seemed defeated but then Tamoon bound all the plants to his service. Some of the party thanked him. Some no longer know how. I reached a Warped point of choice. I am a knowledge mage, only using magic in dire need or to discover the unknown. It suits my inhuman nature.

A Landmark was quickly secured and made into a base. Much treasure could be safely moved now that we found this point. Denizens, more enemies, but these would not be as easy to cull as the plants. A goat head rested on a lionís body. Weird. One-two-three, they were defeated. We grew bold.

We might have descended onward, deeper, as we should. But there was loot to find in the tombs; we continued. Doubling back we found a throne to honor the first kings. We all took turns sitting on the magnificent marble carving. Did someone defecate on its side? No one laughed but we knew this wrong would be avenged. We encountered mechanical traps, one which exploded in fire. We reached a point of so many enemy that we all had to run. Thatís when I took an injury and used up my Rugged.

The Great Beast Gerta shifted. We had mistakenly unlocked one of the chains that bound a dragon in this lower world. We rode a dragon to reach this place, the Tombs, and never stopped to think what made such a magnificent creature obey, become a mere bus. Magic, of course, but very old. With three locks left, the advancement slowed, lest we break a second and third and be too close to letting a great evil free.

With the easy peasy loot stowed, we headed down into the Corridors of Fiends. In the treasure, scribblings suggest the Womb of Gems might be on our route. Even I without emotions felt greed. The corridors of Fiends, herein, all manner of creation has formed by misuse of magic. Our leader, an upstart, was given the job because he said he would be our dead-man. The one to touch and suffer the unknown. His character gained Maniac, and he showed he lived the flaw.

The sun rose and set below ground, a wonder for everyone to witness.

We reached a lava pile and could see that the stone was being used as a scratching post. The claws of the creatures had to have been twelve inches, sharper than steel; we would discover our error. The claws were eighteen inches on the smallest of these things. Dark forces crossed a cuddly bunny with a bone rail of a frame. Mayhap a kangaroo? From clawing the rock, the creature built a lightning bolt charge which it released in a nip. One of our group quickly was rendered unconscious. He would be saved, but not until after Lady Moridin (now in the front) took a grievous injury. I was the only one who could look upon her after the blow. I think when the injury heals she will be more comely, as only the brave will stare at her face. Children will cry at her glare.

We continue in two weeks.



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