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Insanity (formally Empath Syndrome) in Era Ten


Insanity (formally Empath Syndrome) in Era Ten
The character starts at level zero, FNG, with a Sanity value of zero. He is far from sane (as a volunteer), but he has reset to a baseline of target zero (the start of play).

Each time he suffers an event which could cause him a nervous break, say shell shock, he adds one to his growing Insanity. Next, he tests himself to prove he hasn’t buckled; this is happening right in the helm of his EE Suit. The trooper receives online grief therapy, a pharmaceutical bump and sacrament of life chaplain services.

If the player rolls two dice above the value, he has yet to crack. If he fails the roll, he consults the psychoanalysis table to see if he gains any of the five negative Traits (race specific). His Sanity returns to zero and he starts the process again. Each event might again cause him to rise toward Insanity. When he cracks a second (or third or higher number of times), he might get lucky and generate the same flaw. Regardless, these will have only a small combat impact, until he gains three distinct personality flaws. Some of us fancy them as quirks.

In some cases, he will roll three dice. Spirited Trait allows this once per adventure upon the first Sanity check. The target number still goes up by one.

Psychoanalysis table (D8)
1 Raise baseline target at reset by one; you no longer return to zero.
2 Gain Negative (A); return your Sanity to baseline target.
3 Gain Negative (B); return your Sanity to baseline target.
4 Gain Negative (C); return your Sanity to baseline target.
5 Gain Negative (D); return your Sanity to baseline target.
6 Gain Negative (E); return your Sanity to baseline target.
7 No Effect; keep your present Sanity target and continue.
8 Recover; return your Sanity to baseline target.

As his personality changes for the worse, he will generate one of five disadvantageous as personality flaws. Besides the role-play aspects of having these negative traits, the five can combine for increased game mechanic penalties.

The Five Negative Traits (A) to (E) shall influence role-lay decisions for your character. These are additionally distracting during combat, both the counseling and the growing insanity. Every Negative Trait will reduce your dice roll for Method Calculated by one. This die penalty applies even as Intermediary Consequences and Full Handicaps later result.

Intermediary Consequences
A-B-C: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Ship Swagger.
A-B-D: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Traits.
A-B-E: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Tin-head Swagger. Exception Skia and Cimmer, fail any result with Tin-head listed Advantage and take vicious wound.
A-C-D: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Savvy Swagger.
A-C-E: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Command Swagger.
A-D-E: Never gain the Command Pip in any combat situation.
B-C-D: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Funky Swagger. Exception Cruz, fail any result with Funky listed advantage and to take vicious wound.
B-C-E: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your Skills.
B-D-E: Gain no Advantage dice from any of your EE Suit Swagger.
C-D-E: Never gain the Fury in any combat situation.
To Clarify: The Advantage dice are 3D8 as listed in each event of Q&D. The character still retains his Calculated Method, though with penalty for Negative Traits (minus three).

True Handicaps
A-B-C-D: Player rolls one less die for his Sanity checks.
A-B-C-E: Gain no strategic benefits from your Traits.
A-B-D-E: Take one less wound; any vicious could outright kill the character.
A-C-D-E: Lose the ability to choose Method DOC or Command. The character will never be the principal character leading the mission. He could be stunted in his level growth.
B-C-D-E: Whenever anyone takes a vicious wound, roll Ordinary or your character suffer that result instead.
Note: Even after gaining one of these, you also still retain the four Intermediary Penalties.

This is the End – Five Negative Traits
If the player character ever receives all five flaws, A-B-C-D-E, you broke him. He’s Psychotic, Insane. The character must be surrendered and can no longer be played. He may be used by the Ref as an NPC.

Terran Play Definitions
A, Aloof: Standoffish and unfriendly.
B, Tetchy: Complaining and cranky.
C, Reticent: Cagy and secretive.
D, Edgy: Tense and stressed.
E, Glib: Flippant and shallow.

A-B-C, Fastidious: Wants things clean, enjoys pristine conditions.
A-B-D, Persnickety: Wants life ordered and to his desires.
A-B-E, Reclusive: Wants to be alone.
A-C-D, Snobbish: Thinks himself superior, inflated opinion of self.
A-C-E, Gullible: Easily deceived, too trusting.
A-D-E, Bashful: Hates drawing attention to himself, timid with his even correct ideas.
B-C-D, Superstitious: Believing in charms, using rituals to comfort.
B-C-E, Dismissive: Negative, naysayer, thinks everyone is wrong.
B-D-E, Fuming: Angry and bitter all the time.
C-D-E, Vacillating: changes mind, doesn’t like to decide.

A-B-C-D, Squeamish: Uncomfortable around blood and guts and ooze.
A-B-C-E, Maudlin: impulsively sentimental, mushy, emotional.
A-B-D-E, Suicidal: Hates himself, deeply depressed.
A-C-D-E, Indecisive: Will not choose, avoids choice, hates uncertain action.
B-C-D-E, Space Cadet: Dreamy, absent minded, aloof.

Cruz Play Definitions
A, Neglectful: Lacks focus.
B, Itchy: Uncomfortable, restless.
C, Taciturn: Inaudible, unaccommodating.
D, Wisenheimer: Prankster, tease.
E, Staunch: Obsessive and tactless.

A-B-C, Droopy: Listless and limb dragging.
A-B-D, Trivializing: Thinks every challenge is easy (for others).
A-B-E, Spastic: Lacking true control of all six limbs.
A-C-D, Wall-Eyed: No longer able to focus all three eyes on a single target.
A-C-E, Trigger Happy: Easily startled and flighty.
A-D-E, Cannibalistic: Enjoys taste of higher order primates.
B-C-D, Territorial: Defecates to mark boundaries.
B-C-E, Chary: Worried of harm to other squad members.
B-D-E, Drooling: Exhaling spittle all over HUD.
C-D-E, Bloodthirsty: Delighting in suffering.

A-B-C-D, Cowardly: Timid and prone to retreat.
A-B-C-E, Saccharine: Sentimental, avoided by squad.
A-B-D-E, Inert: Unable to motivate.
A-C-D-E, Tri-Faced: Ambivalent of honor and duty.
B-C-D-E, Pious: Devoted to abstract philosophies.

Skia Play Definitions
A, Abstract: Unable to give a straight answer.
B, Cynical: Never happy, always dreary.
C, Nostalgic: Longs to be elsewhere
D, Prickly: Prone to outbursts.
E, Lazy: Vain, haughty.

A-B-C, Delusory: Dishonest to self-interest, prone to hyperbole.
A-B-D, Enigmatic: Easy to misinterpret or discount.
A-B-E, Aboriginal: Wild and uncultured.
A-C-D, Know-it-All: Bias toward own opinion and solutions.
A-C-E, Stuttering: Confusing and hard to take seriously.
A-D-E, Rude: Insulting and uncouth.
B-C-D, Ambitious: Desires awards, accolades, trappings of promotion.
B-C-E, Conspiratorial: Paranoid about superiors and governments.
B-D-E, Bloated: Gassy, ill-fitting to armor.
C-D-E, Knock-Knee: Clumsy and fretful.

A-B-C-D, Prophet: Mumbling mad man.
A-B-C-E, Frenzied: Berserk, hypersensitive.
A-B-D-E, Primal: Impulsive and needlessly aggressive.
A-C-D-E, Feckless: Changes ones mind damningly.
B-C-D-E, Gonzo: Intense mood, never matching team or circumstances.

Cimmer Play Definitions
A, Canker: Self conscious, ashamed.
B, Insects: Self conscious, ashamed.
C, Fungus: Self conscious, ashamed.
D, Blight: Self conscious, ashamed.
E, Mildew: Self conscious, ashamed.

A-B-C, Root Rot: Lethargic and moody.
A-B-D, Leaf Spot: Lethargic and moody.
A-B-E, Bark Disease: Lethargic and moody.
A-C-D, Little Leaf: Lethargic and moody.
A-C-E, Brown Mold: Lethargic and moody.
A-D-E, Oil Weep: Lethargic and moody.
B-C-D, Anthracnose: Lethargic and moody.
B-C-E, Blister Rust: Lethargic and moody.
B-D-E, Sap Spurt: Lethargic and moody.
C-D-E, Wet Wood: Lethargic and moody.

A-B-C-D, Limp Needle: Arthritic and geriatric.
A-B-C-E, Soot Pathogen: Arthritic and geriatric.
A-B-D-E, Boring Pests: Arthritic and geriatric.
A-C-D-E, Vert Wilt: Arthritic and geriatric.
B-C-D-E, Hard Wood: Arthritic and geriatric.



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