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Era Ten, how does this read? With Clarity?


Wounded Cimmer Suicide
These humans are odd. If a Cimmer is ever walking wounded, playing after he receives a vicious, he considers that divine selection. If anyone else in the party suffers a second vicious wound, one which will kill, each injured Cimmer member of the party will roll Ordinary to avoid stepping in and taking that death blow. Only the wounded Cimmer attempt the Ordinary task resolution. Success to survive; fail to die.

Donít stop at just one, since many enemy attacks and mishaps cover a large area. Each wounded Cimmer will be wrestling to cover that grenade. The wound could move from one to another to another as each person misses his roll. Will it spread like a virus and have two, then three suffer death? It will all seem crazy to other races. Someone is going to die; it just might not be the one who failed the first event roll in combat or critical repair.

How do you role-play this? Is it truly a divine calling, reckless nature of the vegetable men, I mean Spartan Aggressor? Is it mania, depression, or just the freaking rules? Ref needs to moderate the situation. It may not happen ever in your play. When it does, it sometimes takes the player by surprise. If he wants truly Terran logic, play that race (and all itís human flaws).



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