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Bloody Weep for Me


Iíve been experimenting with videos to demo the games, and I decided to make one of a solitaire adventure. I havenít played solitaire role-play since the eighties, testing second edition. I was ready. I cleared my throat. I double checked the background music was playing. It even started with a nice Scottish sounding flute solo as I made my character.

Thomas Guy, Dashing. An eight-Six! Dashing, Stout, Cunning. Took my skills, Fencer, Swimmer (Sailor) Spy.

Went right to mission, less explaining more just playing along. Having a running color commentary. Telling about my best times, our group, the fun we had before we all grew-up.

The bandit, La Forza, wanted me to plan a celebration in Mainz on the anniversary of the capture. I spoke French-German. He had legal authority yet wanted me to eliminate anyone who learned of him and his plan. He was a rich landowner; I could do well, should I survive. I was alone.

More good luck, I knew the rival, Il Carro. He was my enemy of a battle in the south. He was a smuggler yet not prepared, no Knaves. I may actually live. But the constabulary on the trip will think Iím up to no-good.

Kings Highway to River Barge to Port-City Mainz.

Flipped some encounters to test myself. Checked Taleworthy for going on a journey. Campaign event double fours that La Morte the criminal is active in area. Got display of skill (Spy) by convincing a KNIGHT encounter I was just going home (as German speaker). Magician card treat Queen as Ten. Luck, my precious luck.

Then I met a man who tried to join my quest, minion of La Morte seemed right. I doubted him on Difficult roll, and we dueled. Bane Brash for a vicious. That hurt. Roll Digressions. Attempt escape, made it away to a friend of patron. Continued, TEN phase advance. I just may make it. Shuffle deck. The action was showcasing everything.

River Barge, in a canoe?!? First encounter was someone giving me a lift. Next encounter (donít get cocky), another gunboat. Boarding! I was hungry for checks of Ignoble. I previously used a Personal Event Inverted Cup to prove my swimmer hadnít lapsed, rolling Ordinary to keep from drowning. I made that Audacity checked.

Joining the crew as a Sailor, organized the ropes. Made the roll, Maritime. Five checks. Recap done. Back to that Ship Engagement.

Assail. Optional, ten Diff, seems very high, Pass. Assail. Optional, twelve is even higher. But I am a Fencer. Success. Traverse. I could go all the way. Boarding pikes, pistol balls, go below (or roll fifteen). Iím below, using Mop-Up. A Queen Bane, a person stealing wants to kill me. Roll eight or second wound. Survive. Star card got to explain the majors in their Q&D or in encounters. Still below mop-up, another Queen Bane, need that eight again. I literally closed my eyes. Banter with audience. Slowly open. Survived. One more action, not survive. Dead, sad music. Oh well, forty minutes demo of some good stuff. Allís well.

Render. Listen. I never turned on my mic.

If anyone wants not see a tabletop of card flips and dice rolls set to music with no explanation I will sendÖdeleted and wrote this missive.

I ask why there are no VU meters in Skype programs. Why if they can make a camera not suffer feedback that a mic in a digital world would have such causing me to turn sound down on my record machine. Well, forty grand of gear will solve all this. Maybe if I sell another 2500 Cutlass Ominbus I will be able to do so.

I had fun and may try this again. Tomasí Guy shall return. Man, I was inspired back there, telling my tale.



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