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Gardens of Ynn Module


Has a online generator now. Hmm!


A sleepy little module of discovery and wonder. Slowly dares the players to go deeper in. Then they die!


   Fredrick Rourk

Message Replies:
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Good ideas for improving common monsters -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 4/15/2019) 
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It screams out for a web page to do the work ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 4/15/2019) 
32 pages for $8, tad steep? -- red (posted: 4/15/2019) 
The 90's the Magic the $$$Machine -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 4/15/2019) 
Promo material: "Systemless..." -- Pedantic Mike (posted: 4/16/2019) 
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