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Good for them


I'm a cynic. I wish them luck. That sounds like a nice response to their game. Yet, Linda McCartney had a world record for selling a single photo of husband, Paul. Truth be known, Paul was the one who paid the record sum. I hope the game is the next Magic the Gathering.

Been easily ten yars, yes yars, since anyone put a game in front of me, and I was truly impressed. Where's the next Titan Arena or History of the World. I saw lots of games, many with magnificent production values, but I have not been compelled to replay any in recent memory (so far this decade).

That, and Blackmorne Manor was nonsense. We still joke about how bad that game was after twenty years. I wish I could get that night back and said instead I played the next Wiz War on a Risk board.



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I watched the videos ... -- Kingdom FreeStyle Conrad (posted: 2/10/2017) 
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