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I watched the videos ...


It was an odd thing to be sure.

(note, the creator didn't ask for 12 Million ... it was a pet rock moment ....)

It's referred to as a Boutique game. You either have it or you don't. Hey, I've played King Maker and Krieg Spiel, so I get it.

I would liken it to a one of a kind bottle of wine. You are paying for the experience.

Regarding the other thing .... the best I've played in the last 5 years is a 5 player version of Shadow Hunter. The art is tough (hard to read for old man eyes) but the game is another excellent balance of strategy, luck, bluffing. It plays in 20 minutes and you start again. (So, even if you get boned, it's only for a short while.)

For reference, I remade one of the sets of cards to make them more legible (by hand). I haven't done that in it's entirety since the early days of Cosmic Encounters.

I'll bring it to Vegas in April.

Finally, it should be noted for the record, we played Black Mourne wrong for the first 2 hours of that game which set-up the infinite do loop. Either way, it was rough flight afterwards which would have killed us now.


   Kingdom FreeStyle Conrad

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