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Wouldn't Last a Full Con


Vid-Boy's a lightweight. Let him try keeping up that pace as he sells two hundred copies of two titles over four days, while also dealing (occasionally) with someone on the other side of the booth display talking just as fast about his best experience with a character called, ready yourself, "Bagpiper the Bard." Please let me know when you won't purchase anything, so I can truly say how painful it is to remain in your presence.

I never have used a DM screen. I've owned many and hated what was on them. Trick is to get all the mechanics on the player's character sheet.

That guy's still playing at a level two or three star adventure rating, while mine have risen to a solid seven and once even a perfect ten. Now, with age ??? But, hasn't been since HS that I dipped below four thumbs-up. Keep trying, maybe after two or three reincarnations will you live a three-point-five experience. Or try running a better game. Dice rolls wrecked my players' fun, indeed.



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