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The Fealty Quest is as Good as there ever was ....


The quest into the land of the mysteries where we met the young godling children whose power was nullified by being together was as great a tale as there ever was.

Did that include the Chameleon Demon? Or was that with the dagger? Or was it Lektor's ebon bound chest of oddities?

Until one breaks out of the same rut, you'll get the same thing. (My game is different because instead of Constitution, I have a 3d6 stat called Fortitude .... it's like being stuck in a Spinal Tap reality.)

But, the priests are committed to the dogma. I enjoy the enthusiasm. (While not a "famous" gaming insider (yet), he has a pretty extensive history.)

If one could say they "designed" D&D, perhaps they did. In 5th edition, the designers were trying to flatten it out in terms of accumulation of power. And, it appears they did from my experience. One Kobald is not a scary thing to a 4th level dude, but 10 are.

Colville is an ardent supporter of the 4th edition and strongly argues they weren't trying to make a game ready similar to WarCraft (a reasonable next evolution). While it seems pretty obvious to me that it was, I'll take him at his word that was not the intent. But, then, I'm stuck with ... Why the hell would you NOT move the game towards a platform that was on fire? What the heck were you thinking? (I digress.)

I get the idea of a Referee shield as a place to hold quick access to the 5 pages of rules you really need to play the full game. It never seemed to work that way. It was always in the way.

I'm not a fan of an underworld that has a complete rational reason for everything. The grand mystery of ancient powers and for lack of a better word, terrible mistakes, makes the game more interesting.

And, as a player, if I can boot the door, grab the loot and live out my days in a drunken stupor, why wouldn't I? The only reason to resolve the mystery is to leverage the answers to greater power and loot.

So, I don't care if that hobgoblin on the other side makes sense, I just want to make the inside of his skull, the outside (and all the attendant pillaging that follows).

So, while the Referee is trying to make the world holistically rational, the players just want more killing. Go figure.

That being said ... saying Good-Bye to the Sarge was a sad moment as real ... as there ever was ... Long Live PadreSarge!


   Shieldless Conrad

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