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Con Play


Let's muse on the cons, as conventions. Not to be confused with Conrad play.

I've often admitted to being a bad player, impatient, looking for plot connections, which were never there. Hats off to Greg, for entertaining and keeping a large group focused while on the verge of party wipe, without ever needing to truly push us off a cliff.

My first ref was random, the next was vicious, then I took over. Jake had nice balance, but too devoted to the rules. He also killed my Hobbit with a bullwhip by shooting him with a 3d shotgun blast in TFT. Hate that system.

Specifically, I have played over twelve convention events, many at the premier gaming con, GenCon. Besides the Bob's the Word and Number Bob events, all the others were just time waste. Unremarkable. I did like Traveller at the LA Cons for the one roll I had to make each adventure, Pilot+4 supported by JackOTrade+4. Never missed. If we learned anything from D&D at cons, it was there was no honest effort made by the publisher to make the game consistent. It was always an interpretation, and the big event made by committee. The need for a gnome female role, and we must have a druid, led to so much crap, that I only now after twenty years without such have managed to forge. Well, most of it.

That said, "we were duped." Carnivorous Apes are a good alignment minion.



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Had a lot of fun memories from a lot of bad gaming .... -- FreeStyle Conrad (posted: 2/15/2017) 
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