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That could eventually be solved


Robots set up the cross braces and stuff too. But Concrete alone wouldn't be a very good building material for a moon base due to it's porousness. Robots assembling and connecting air tight inflatable pods is probably the way to go.

A little research shows that concrete can cure in a vacuum. The vacuum will boil off excess water, but as long as the mixture is mixed thoroughly and allowed to set up before being exposed to the vacuum, the water needed for the chemical reactions in the curing process will be chemically locked into the material, and only excess water will be drawn out. The finished product might be stronger than concrete cured in atmosphere, because tiny trapped gas bubbles that weaken the finished product when cured in air are less likely to form and more likely to be drawn out. Still not sure if they can make it satisfactorily airtight, though.

Concrete is what doomed the bio-dome experiment. They didn't account for all the out-gassing and absorption of oxygen the concrete was responsible for.


   Greg Squires

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