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More than nostalgia


Guys, all I've done so far is flip through the pages, but this edition has been expanded even more than the current Cutlass.

Besides the Battle Born rules, Red's added much of the supplemental material from newsletters (like the partial squad list from the Iota-Upsilon campaign) and magazine (Space Station creation) and the complete rule set for Ground Zero. There may be some Cartel Royale information as well...

Red, a minor beef. The last bit of artwork in the book is one of mine--Rocky's Star Trek hallucination. Still, as I'm nominally a freelance designer, a credit is a credit.

I was gonna pretend (after reading the title/cedits page) to be hurt you didn't use any of my artwork (I was never that good, but I do a good EE-Suit), especially as I'm the only one who drew Skia, but figure all my pages went to Todd, so you probably don't have any of it, other than Trek-Rocky. Since I'm off the Adobe train and now learning new graphics software maybe I'll scan some of that stuff and use it as coloring practice and even scan in that one poster I did of Sarge right after Glypus ripped off his arm. I've never forgotten Tony's review of that one: "I like that you can't tell if Sarge is about to get back up or go down."


   Fanboy Mike

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