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HA!!! Super Backer!!!!


When I threw the man a few bucks, it crossed me over the threshold of Super Backer on Kick Starter.

In recognition of the dedication, curiosity, and generosity you’ve shown in supporting so many new ideas on Kickstarter, you’re now officially a Superbacker. Superbackers are the heart of our backer community, often going beyond backing projects by offering advice to creators, guiding new backers, and helping introduce projects to new audiences. Consider this our way of saying “thank you.”

As a Superbacker, you can expect:

(more blah blah blah)

I want to thank my Mom, My Dad, the Academy, Dougie's Mime and Monkey circus in Plano Texas, all the little people.

Get out and crush your foes Gentlemen!!!!


   Super Backer Conrad

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