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The Game.


Not much rules twisting to be Irregulars.

Basically the party is sent out from the inn on a quest from the patron. The mission objective is translated into Clue Points (possible Critical Clues?). The Patron, obviously, is recurring.

The Patron is moving through the Encounter Deck on his own Mission Track. Players actually come into the arc as determined by the deck (Queens, of course,). (and give the players an in-phase card. And Mission Inconsequence?) Success of the mission is clue points to Patron. Critical Clues bring the 10 out of the deck to Phase Advance the Patron.

For Patron actions, use a modified (simplified) Digression Table where a success leads to the next deck flip? Or a Q&D. Let players roll for Patron and suggest Free-Style Actions.

Players are on side missions, but also see the Patron's story. Either one of you has already seen a way to do it twice as well.



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