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American Gods has a very Hollywood ~ LOST vibe. I can't say I like it; I can say I endure it. The vignetts (stupidly spelled word) are nice as short stories with artful visuals, yet be prepared for an assault on traditional values. I enjoy some of the dialog, and the writers are not timid. So far Odin is just a con man, nice touch making him a grifter. Who doesn't like a six-ft+ leprechaun (another poor use of consonants word). Vinyet and Leprhocaan?

I will watch more, but only until it switches to superhero action. You all know what I think of heroes in uniforms glowering and feeling under appreciated. No, not Battle Born, that's entirely different (I think).



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Lucifer is Interesting -- Laser Conrad (posted: 5/17/2017) 
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