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Solitaire Perhaps


Looks like a game you can ply solitaire, if you wish. Player would run both Dragon and Emperor. Since the two players are playing to same victory, one person is gonna dominate and tell the other what to do. "No, get me elf manna, stupid, not dwarf dung."

If SPI made this game, they would have some form of combat pvp. Perhaps where each player had an emperor, the evil trying to kill all and dragon opposed to evil but neutral to players, sort of giving resources as it wanders about, very anime.

Cards and pieces and a box? Someone put a fortune into it. No price listed nor where you can get it, either? May play like Crazy Eights with a better deck. Oh, that was UNO!



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Looks like it's a print and play -- Heat Man Conrad (posted: 5/25/2017) 
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