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Looks like it's a print and play


The creator contacts one of the print and play shops who assembles games. You get items from a catalog. Like a print on demand.

The "Alpha Player" problem with co-op games is a tough one to solve. I suggested a rule ... you can't give advice unless the player asks for it. That solves most of it. If you want advice, you get it. Otherwise, you are free to do your own bone headed thing. (Bone headed being a positive thing mind you.)

Munchausen had a mechanism where you bribed the other person to take over the story. Bribed as in gave you a coin in the game. Perhaps, that's what one would do in a co-op. I'll "listen" to your advice if you bribe me.

And, of course, those of us that remember Circus Maximus with bounties on the other players in real money. One can put a bounty on the head of another player. If you take him (her) out, you get the bounty. (And by out, I mean crushed in the wheels and spokes of your horse drawn chariot.)


   Heat Man Conrad

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