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What's Clooney's excuse then?


Yikes, what a mess that was.

Even the first one with Keaton dims over time.

(Bats don't wear no black cod piece.)

The only one who could have done the role justice is Eastwood about the time he was doing Eiger sanction in the gray and blue tights. It would have been a thing to behold.

Well, and William H. Macy who pretty much could have done anything. Kevin Spacey could have pulled it off too. Your eyes would have seen one thing but your brain something entirely different. Maybe, Roddy McDowell too.

The suit is the eternal problem. West did what he could but they needed to lower that utility belt about 4 inches. Well, yea, and the purple probably needed to go too.

No fan of leather and vinyl. Just wrong.


   Bat Conrad

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