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Well, I gave them money


So I get the Kickstarter updates.

Star Trek Continues is now blatantly in violation of every single one of Paramount/CBS's Fan Film Guidelines, but Paramount/CBS will leave them alone--STC is retro 60's and can, in no way, be mistaken for current Trek. It came out in the Axanar lawsuit that the studios decided to sue after the "Vulcan scene" was released. The Axanar lawsuit wasn't over fundraising or their donor store--it was flat-out about Axanar looking so damn good the studio considered it a threat to the franchise.

Considering everything from Paramount and CBS has been crap for decades, I can see this. I'd rather watch STC, New Voyages, Farragut, Axanar, Horizons or Renagades over any of the official Trek being done now.

The power of a passionate fan show done by people who care shouldn't be underestimated--certainly when compared to the souless, cynical crap Hollywood is pushing. I could go on but it would be boring.


   Mike Miller

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