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Episodes are much more polished than those of old


The new episodes definitely have a larger budget. Each of the latest "Doctors" has a different slant. For example, one of the Doctors became the Avenger hunting down enemies and doing what needed to be done (I haven't seen all the episodes so it's as I remember).

There's a big mystery into what his true name is ... Doctor Who?

I set the DVR to record and I watch when I have time.

The first episode where Clara starts to travel with the Doctor has them on a planet in the shadow of a giant star. Each of 7 worlds worships the Mummy creature in an asteroid near the star. It is rumored that all life in the Universe began on these worlds.

The coin of the realm is sentiment (not sweaty metal).

Any case, the Doctor miscalculates and the old god is returned who will destroy the 7 worlds and when done with them, will continue about the universe.

As an aside, the Doctor in a later / earlier episode reveals why he's never shot (harmed). (Because he knows what is going to happen and prepares appropriately ... cheats of sort.) There's a great episode where someone has slipped a paperback into the Doctor's pocket in an earlier episode which tells him what to do in the current adventure. (So, a little more sophisticated time travel stuffy wuffy.)

It only works if you already know you like the Doctor (which the audience does). So, when he says something provocative, they audience waits before they react.


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