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Baloney Sense Tingling...


So, I had to look up this "Blue Whale" game. Then I did some digging a bit deeper, and I think this is the kind of unsubstantiated story that floats around every couple of years about yet another "teen craze" that doesn't actually exist (like the so-called "knockout game" from a few years ago that didn't actually exist).

This is the type of event that surfaces from a single, unsubstantiated, unsourced blog post and lurks around the corners of the web until a "news media" outlet picks up on it and runs it without fact checking.

There are two games going on here, neither ending in suicide. Game one is "Teen/young adult scaring/pissing off old farts with 'shocking news.'" Game two is "Get clicks (ad revenue) on our site from 'shocking news.'"


   Mike Miller

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Forgive my Overreaction -- red (posted: 7/12/2017) 
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