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Rocket is a cyber/gene modified racoon. Metaphor? Naw, just a silly concept.

Racoons don't have true opposable thumbs, but their thumbs and pinkies can fold into the palm, so a raccoon is the most dexterous thing outside a primate. Handling a gun isn't outside the realm of probability, with weight being the issue.

Incidentally, in MY artwork of a Verdigris I based their "hand/feet" off a racoon paws where the thumb and pinky folded in. Todd drew different appendages for hands and feet, and Todd drew the hands in a human shape. Verdigris appendages are the only thing I would argue my design is superior to Todd's.

I agree. Fun but forced, Chris Pratt is boring, "the girl" was reduced to a boring love interest (seriously, she utterly fails at every single task she attempts during the entire film) and the tree may have angel powers, but, really, surviving touching the planet killer by holding hands and the power of friendship is lame.

Don't get me started on the terrible tactics of the final battle... It would be a long series of both sides are stupid. I'll leave it at "We need that ship to not go down--defense fleet, become a giant, stationary target as apply horizontal, not vertical thrust," and "defense fleet has become a stationary target offshore from the city. Attack fleet, crash yourself into the undefended city."

Yes, Jeff Goldblum has Howard the Duck. The mid-credits tag scene gives Howard dialog.

Marvel is mostly boring formula. On a rewatch, the only ones that hold up for me are Iron Man 1, and the Captain America trilogy. Spider-Man: Homecoming was strong.


   Mike Miller

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