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Steven Moffat announced he was leaving the show over a year ago. Old news rehashed in new news.

You are correct. A change in showrunner is certainly more important than the change in actor. The showrunner and story editor shape the types of tales and style of storytelling. The actor just says the lines.

No actor who has played the Doctor has been bad in the role. Their relative strengths and weaknesses are all down to the scripts. It's not Colin Baker's fault his Doctor's first action was strangling his companion and his second act was donning the producer-mandated worst costume ever. It's not Matt Smith's fault that his first 2-1/2 seasons were "The Amy Show (guest starring the Doctor).

If Chibnall gives us good stories the show will do fine. If Chibnall gives us bad stories the actress will be blamed.

I'm gonna miss Capaldi. Easily my favorite Doctor of the reboot series, and the Doctor/Bill/Nardole trio is one of the best TARDIS crews ever. Helps that Moffat and the writers put out a season of mostly strong stories with only one real clunker.


   Mike Miller

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