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A somewhat funny, almost tangential anecdote


Right, neat pics! (perhaps one kit had two helmets as the photographer was showing two possible variants?)

The anecdote: a game I ran many many years (decades) ago started out with the players in an aircraft suffering catastrophic failure. Players were given ten seconds to circle the gear grabbed before jumping from the plane that was about to explode.

Two players neglected to circle the parachutes I placed at the tops of the equipment lists...

One player argued he should have survived impact with a rocky mesa at terminal velocity because he had "Mega Damage*" armor (yes, it was a Palladium system. "Robotech," to be specific.). I told him the armor was fine. He was a puddle inside of it.

*Mega Damage was lame. No, the armor did not allow you to survive a tank shell to the chest. "The kinetic energy of a 20 lb shell traveling at a mile a second snaps your neck from the whiplash and throws your body a hundred yards where further tumbling smashes your bones. Your armor is fine."


   Mike Miller

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