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I'm waiting for Axanar


Even in truncated form I'll be more interested in Axanar's take on the Four Years War than Discovery's.

Ugliest Federation ship ever. Ugly uniforms, ugly Klingons, don't care about swearing and nudity, don't need every damn show to be a continuous arc...

At least the gay character is created as gay. Once George Takei said "Gene and I didn't see Sulu as gay," the gay Sulu in "Star Trek Beyond" is no longer the "homage to George" the filmmaker's claim and is just pandering to the LGBTQ crowd.

You can tell when articles on Trek are written by an uneducated millenial--just look for the "low budget" cracks. Classic Trek was the single most expensive show ever produced at the time and the bill bankrupted Desilu. NextGen was also one of the most expensive shows produced at the time. Both shows were absolutely state of the art at the time. Learn some damn film history you stupid kids. GET OFF MY (holodeck) LAWN!

Red, you're not alone, by far, in wishing CBS/PARAMOUNT just funded some fan films in exchange for DVD/Netflix rights. The fans are doing better stories. Period.


   Mike Miller

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