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Empty Enterprise Episode


Mark of Gideon was on this morning. Damn that was fine.

The whole thing hinged on being able to fool Spock into not remembering an 18 digit number. The fools!!!!

This is the one where Kirk and the Girl ... well ... you know. And, you know because Kirk is pulling his boots back on at the edge of the bed.

And, when Spock beams down to the fake Enterprise and, of course, is not fooled by the ruse. First, he says it's a fake. Why would Spock speak in an empty Enterprise? A few moments later, Spock enters his officer's log voice over as he moves about the Enterprise.

Kirk can't be two monkey suited dudes because he's weakened by the virus? Oops, he doesn't have it. Perhaps they drugged him.

Of course Spock shoulder spocks one and does the Spock fling to the other which somehow knocks him out. Go figure.

A great episode of course.

Don't be like Kirk if you wake up in a complete duplicate. Be like Spock. It's a trap.


   Trania Conrad

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