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John Hurt, 43 deaths, y'all watched Snowpiercer?

Bela Lugosi, 36 deaths, all those classic movie creatures.
Vincent Price, 33 deaths (mostly vampires)
Sean Bean, Mr Boromir himself, 25 deaths.

Highest Lady: Charlize Theron has ten. Hilary Swank has three, but she's oscar(R) on two of those; might have been three for three is Amelia Earhart was edited properly.

Armold has never died in film, unless you think the terminators each died? You'd be wrong. Code never dies. Also, Christian Slater has ten deaths? In what, TV boy w/ cancer after school films?



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Thanks, YouTube -- Mike Miller (posted: 8/27/2017) 
More than Sean Bean? -- Greg Squires (posted: 8/28/2017) 
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