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They say there are two kinds of people ...


... those that run to the sound of trouble ...

and those that run from it.

When I play Space Blaster Guy, I would choose to run towards the sound of trouble. But, in real life, I have to feebly admit, I would make a rough risk / reward decision.

And, in the event of aliens ruling the air, my risk measure would be very compelling.

If I were "role-playing" me, before I rushed out to loot, I would assess the situation carefully.

I don't think we did that. (I'm not saying we have to ... just a different style of play.) A session with blast the aliens and watch Tony crash the Jitney Battle Wagon is okay ... but ... maybe there is a place where one could role-play fear ... weakness ... just surviving.

Yea, yea, yea, breaks my rule of not role playing what you can already do.

I was just looking for some truth man ... like ... being in the jungle with your buddy in Morrow Project ... harsh cold truth. (Or something like it.)


   Not Space Blaster Guy

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