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Episode Novelization


I plan to write up each Bazillion episode as a chapter of some never to be finished novel. Each one I can email or drop on Kindle and pyrate a buck.

In three weeks I hope to have an extra twenty-five hours a week, plus the wasted commute time, to do stuff and such. That or play WoW.

Highlights Episode Two Bazillion Ways to Die
Last episode was in the Fashion Mall. The players are historic clones, no idea still who from history? A cloned bad guy, Torquemada (#12), seems to summon magic pits. The ship also has a race of aliens aboard, the archeologists. The holograms all have different theories about what went wrong. Most sound just crazy. Power is limited, to get something up and running, something else has to be turned off. The player characters begin episode three up yet another level. Three more characters have discovered ultra powers, like Torquemada's use of Sorcery. Oh and Mark turned off Santa Klaus, a mistake?



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