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I had to go hit the interwebs to see who you were carefully not speaking of. Crazy Eddie of ya, Conrad.

I merely note there are actually TWO sequels to "Mote in God's Eye." The second sequel was written by Jerry Pournelle's daughter with approval of Niven and Jerry.

I actually just finished one of Pournelle's "Falkenburg's Legion" novels this morning.

Mote in God's Eye is one of the better "First Contact" novels out there. The Aliens are truly interesting, and the universe has a few interesting quirks. For those unfamiliar with Pournelle's Co-Dominium universe, the FTL Alderson Drive allows for instant star travel, but only from point A to point B along the lines of "Equipotential Flux" between certain stars. BUt, at sublight speed with chemical or ion drive might take months or years to reach a jump point.


   SPOOOOON-fed Mike

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