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Not a Kindle Review


I suck at posting Amazon reviews. They are mostly for the gratification of the author, and the author has already heard rapid-fire opinions on his (and hers, with much of the fiction) work.

However, unlike Red, I DO go on social media, which is where I start letting people know of the new works as they come out. Whether anyone buys, I don't know, but I actively shill this stuff.

I got as far as Conrad's intro to Antebellum before rushing off to Facebook and tagging 20 or so people, only two of whom are Greg Morrison and Todd Pickens.

And this is what I told them:

"For my paper and pencil RPG playing friends. Red Rahm has been saying since at least 1991 he would do "Crimson Cutlass Book Four." I've, literally, been waiting over half my life for it to be released. This morning that wait ends.

If you're unfamiliar with Crimson Cutlass, Era Ten, Rogue Swords of the Empire, Good Guys Finish Last, Where Fools Dare to Tread or any of the other games once sold as the "Free-Style" system, you've missed out. While originally created in 1979 these elegant rule mechanics still hold up among the best of the "cutting edge" systems of today. The character advancement system is, bar-none, the best yet created.

The game encourages storytelling over tactics and roles, and a novice player can be up and running a new character in less than five minutes.

The Scenario and Encounters rules are created in such a way that one could actually Role-Play solo, have a rotating Referee, or have a Ref actually be able to run and advance their own PC.

Crimson Cutlass and Era Ten: Battle Born are both available as Kindle Editions. Book One (only) of Cutlass as a printed edition.

Believe it or not Cutlass occasionally comes up on eBay or RPGnet asking hundreds of dollars for the 1989 edition. The 2015-2017 edition is $20 for all four books, and books two and three each have hundreds more pages of material than the print versions. Book four? F***, guys, I'm so excited it exists that I'm sharing it before I read it.

And I'm off to read it.

*Linky to "George Rahm" Kindle page.


   Ecstatic Fanboy Mike

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