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Leading theories so far (in order)


1. Futuristic experiment: In the future some group creates a ship crewed by clones of historical figures - movers and shakers of their respective times, histories most effective people. Perhaps as a social experiment to see what they do, perhaps because such an exceptional crew could accomplish a difficult mission, or perhaps as a colony ship of humanity's best and brightest (and apparently "best" referring to ability, not ethics). Something went wrong along the way (some sort of coup by one of the many ambitious, talented figures?), and now, hundreds of clone generations later the ship is failing, losing power.

Supporting evidence: spaceship-like setting, clones, apparently several generations, programming and training, failing power, odd mix of historical figures

Contradicting evidence: presence of magic?

2. We're in hell: This is our personal hell. The clones die over and over only to be reborn in this same setting. A similar variation is the way Lost *should* have ended - we're in purgatory, living through a setting/situation that will test our moral character and determine whether we go to heaven or hell. If we die without proving ourselves one way or another we are reborn as a clone again. (In this variation, the odd, very non-hell-like setting and lack of memory is so we don't know we're in purgatory, since if we knew the true situation we'd obviously act as good and virtuous as possible.)

Supporting evidence: The characters we've met are the type that would be in hell, the presence of magical effects such as insect men and magical fanged pits

Contradicting evidence: clones and sci-fi settings aren't the traditional depiction of hell, Red has never shown much interest in testing our moral fiber

3. Hybrid: As number 1, above, but the "something" that went wrong is the ship somehow being pulled into hell (or other strange alternate universe/dimension). Solves conflict between sci-fi and magic elements.

4. Simulation: We are in a simulation being run - either a matrix-like shared hallucination on physical clones of historical figures, or we're merely computer simulations of historical personalities. Either way can explain the sci-fi and magic elements.

Supporting evidence: odd mix of historical figures, mental internet access

Contradicting evidence: the nature of this theory makes it possible for any evidence to fit, but it's an unlikely premise in general


   Greg Squires

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