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In theory it's a parody.


It's Seth MacFarlane, folks, the guy who has made his living for the last couple of decades off random, non-sequiter, unmotivated humor.

Something that requires story and character is out of his range.

As far as CBS's new show? The CBS/Netflix contract requires STD to earn its second season budget off its first season revenue. CBS All-Access has 2 million subs at $6/month. This is about $144 million in projected total revenue. STD is $8+ million/episode for 15 episodes. This is $120 million for the season. Given CBS MUST have operation costs and profit sharing with partners (Netflix), it is mathematically impossible for STD to make its money. It's dead already.

But, there's a couple more Star Trek Continues, one more Starship Farragut, and Axanar to go before Trek is truly dead.



   Redshirt Mike

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