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Too Much to digest on any Kickstarter


Is it dice or maps or dice bags or would they be selling pictures to drive inspiration?

Is the thing Scenarios? Or is it campaign backgrounds in a paragraph or two?

Good luck to all, but seems like begging. Not my generation. Take out a personal loan or live on less and save. Sleep in a tent and pocket your cash from manning the photomat. Does the world even have photomats?

Cheapass Games or Better Games give fine examples of selling a concept on a budget. Or does anyone think begging for $50,000 is the correct way to make the next Magic, Trading Card concept. I'm too old for this crap.

We should start a site -- "You're About to Be Swindled. Send me your money." Then let East Europeans flood the page views with objects and obscure patents and forgotten literature. Suck some dollars out of the nostalgia market. Claim to have a Trek license until you get the cease and desist. I'm too old for this crap.

But I am starting a business to sell Red's Miracle Elixir, fills cavities, finds gold and makes root root vanish. Twenty cents a bottle, be the first to be healthy....I'm too old for this crap.



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Too Many Choices -- Three Coin Conrad (posted: 9/24/2017) 
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