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Ours is better because we spell Orks with a "K"


Forgive the stubborn old man, me.

Or not.

Written in your favorite system, D&D, AD&D, D&D2, D&D3, D&D-VD, D&D7,..., yet nearly fifty-thousand raised. Atta boy.

For the record, I like D&D and the mechanics. But, the sting on the end, anyone still playing on a table top has a campaign or can crib D&D Game of Thrones.

A book two, three and four of Fantasy Cutlass? I'll get started soon enough. Start begging for us, Conrad. Crown Royal members get the product handed to them on the moon with the first two sessions are run by the authors. After that, we die from lack of oxygen.



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$2M for Conan but 1/8th for RPG of the Ages? -- Establishment Conrad (posted: 10/3/2017) 
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