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Mars is the eternal ego trip


Pres. Reagan announced a Mars Mission with a goal of a base/colony by 2020. Bush (HW) canceled said mission, to announce a new one two years later. Repeat this cycle with Clinton, Bush (W), and Obama. Somewhere along the way the date moved to 2030. Trump broke the pattern in that he failed to cancel Obama's mission before declaring his own.

Fool's dream driven by dick waving and wanting to either be, or take credit for those who will get there first. This applies to Musk, Branson and all the nascent private space industries.

Luna, blessed Luna having a (semi) permanent base is smarter, of course. From its lower gravity launches anywhere are easier. I won't even get into other advantages and uses when at least two of those who will read this worked in the space program.


   Space Buff Mike

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