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I also liked Kingsmen sequel


Let me think...Now, I'm a bad person to take advice from, but Split was better than most of what I see in cinema. Creepy, not gory, and the acting was good. Had the girl from the Cutlass era witch movie. I should imdb that title, but retired guys are not expected to do leg work. Was better than every Jaws movies after the first.

Split was a good movie. I like the director more than most. Nice (for me) he's back to making watchable fare. Was about as good as Lady in the Water and the Village, two movies I also liked. Almost as good as Signs and Unbreakable. Nothing will match Sixth Sense, cause I was expecting nothing so the payoff was a grand surprise. Was it any Harry Potter or Star Trek two, no. Is anything as good as Animal House or Stranger than Fiction? My favorite, not to ever be matched, is of course Spartacus.

Dare I remind you I like episode one, Phantom Menace. Becoming my favorite Stars Wars, even more than New Hope. Hope I have for next girl Jedi do I.



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I did like Unbreakable -- Still Searching for Bobby Fisher Conrad (posted: 11/12/2017) 
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