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I did like Unbreakable


It was memorable in a trashy sort of way.

Whenever I see a movie thread on the Vox, I do a quick scan of what's showing in Theaters. The product has been so bland, I don't even bother to look.

I don't really catch them as they arrive to the small screen. (I did see The Spirit the other day ... wow ... terrible.) Linky.

I also DVD'd "The Saint" with Val Kilmer. It was kinda' fun in a 1980's sort of way. They tricked the bad Russian mobster with Cold Fusion. That one didn't hold up so well but the chase in the cold of Moscow was fun.

And, he did do the three miracles at the end.

I must say parts of Troy were a miss but parts were pretty good. Menelaus screaming at Paris to fight is memorable. (As everyone else from Priam to Hector urge him to fight and die rather than appear the coward.) I didn't feel any suspense watching the tale. Peter O'Toole gave a touching performance of an old man watching his city and son be destroyed.

Star Wars ... pfft ... yea ... I said it. Such promise ... such drek. Take it with your Princess Bride and do whatever it is you do.


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