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Maybe 25% is RPG


The board games are so easy compared to playing the RPG's.

I don't know the break down now but there was a time when clearly there was more Pathfinder than the official product (Or so it seems). I would say D&D has slipped back into the lead.

Pathfinder is D&D 3.5 expanded. They do serve their audience. Lots of interesting products and nice add ons.

Are they great? Not really. The game can impede a great tale but it doesn't make it. (Truthfully, it seems to me, less is more.)

Hint: If you need to color code your dice to distinguish between a D20 and D8, you aren't nerdy enough. Nothing hurtful meant there ... just I can whistle at 9900 Baud and I know what that means. The dice are no trouble to me.

Perhaps, we confuse Autistic with bored at times? A great game is a great game and attracts people. A great tale amuses.

In response to tone, story, and arc, there is a certain logic to good RPG game. Things should make sense.

In a recent game, we captured a rogue assassin and her partner. I proposed we ransom them back to their masters (after interrogation of course). The rogue had admitted that they were simply for hire.

First, in D&D, you don't need to pull out ear hair or whatever. You have spells. This leads to two dilemmas ... 1) The players were thinking of all these detailed ways to torture another creature ... how did we come to this? and 2) Let's assume you could get the truth, what questions would you ask. Duh, I don't know.

Ask yourself the same question ... how many ways can you think to torture a creature and ... can you ask three concise questions to get to a point? (Do what you will with that moment of personal introspection.)

Finally, why would we ransom them back? Now aside from the 1) Gold, and 2) Gold ... they admitted they were just mercenaries. Same as us. And, in the unlikely chance that we were capture doing likewise, wouldn't we want our freedom to be purchased by our allies? (Don't bother to recall your torture people list above.)

Now, everyone here who has played Cutlass except for the acolytes of Father Scarrrrrr have had the chance to receive a ransom ... yea ... so that's the one time we met a fully righteous clergy. So, no need to dwell.

But, that is what a rationale world is like.

Playing Binky the Dwarf is fun for a bit ... but eventually ... one needs a better tale.


   Statistical Conrad

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