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I may find time (one day after Cutlass Book Four) to write some EPT stuff and give it to the "Foundation." Now I'm sort of curious what the "Foundation" is able to do non-profit? Am I right to assume that I can't rip-off and sell the content (legally); however, I can give it to them to give away?

Sounds somewhat like all the fan stuff for Trek, but on a micro-mini number of interested parties compare to all things Kirk. What the internet has undoubtedly created is a world where copyright is meaningless for all but Harry Potter(r) and Disney(r)&inc. Recovery cost of any lawsuit? Damages? Punish a superfan trying to clip the wings on an East-Bloc vulture. Internet Content Channels and regulations were bad again, why?

Google anything and you'll find the rip-off copy. Google makes money. They are not culpable. Complain they take link down. New links are robo site added every ten minutes. Wish copyright theft was harder, but wishes only come true for Disney (characters).

I state again for the record that I am not a Public Domain producer of content. Life plus seventy-five is the law. I think that's stupid extreme, which may be why so much is stolen. But be an honest plunderer, not a rationalizing self denier. If its someone else's property, you don't pay for it, you have it on your computer -- you're a thief, as was Conan. That or like Mike you end up with three copies of things because of lag. A cold place in hell awaits the web designers, a cold place indeed. (With the EPT demigods holding court!)



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