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Big big for wargaming


When will they get miniature game table size, I wonder. Also, painting is a pain. Can't the textures be added right to the models in printing? Not yet, when?

I'll be wearing "VR Googles," before any of this stuff becomes useful.

Does beat my use of the ROTC brochures as wargame miniatures in my backyard. Armour, infantry, copters,..., the pictures on the folded pamphlets made for some great games. The recruiter gave me the stink eye though, when I took more than one. Had to go back several times on different days to get enough to actually have a cool fight. Rules were toss blue-stones onto stuff to blow them up. You stood near any of your cards; scatter handfuls sometimes for better (looking) combat vehicles. I think the lowly halftrack we both thought was cool. Then, Greg and I left them all out in the rain. That was 1970; what did I know of Viet Nam? Nothin'; we recreated WWII Blitz w/ our Hell on Wheels. Sometimes the player also got clocked with a blue-stone or a house window. Kids today don't have the fun I did. Or the scars.



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