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No Voice, Epid Table


Okay, I left the Message Title to prove my point. A dyslexic typer like myself is going to struggle playing a chatbox game.

Even if I can send messages in character?

Don't we just need a "everyone can hear everyone else" interface and some focal point that we all stare at, while discussing the next card flip? That could be a browser with a card flip. I could code that in Twenty minutes in asp.

Even if I cut and paste rpg scenes. What about people asking questions? Like, "are you saying the power plant completely sucked below the mountains of west Virginia and no one in town is the wiser?"


"I need a gun; how do I get a gun: is walmart open?"

"You get no gun."

"Why is he telling me I get no gun? I'm confused. Shouldn't we be calling the Army or stockpiling beefaroni?"

Out of character -- Well, maybe it could work. But, I'd rather just say all that stuff. (And look at a picture of the Death card.)



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