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Not point to point? Uses Server?


Not sure if I'm comfortable w/ any game aid that uses an outside server. Will it be there when they can't pay the bills? What is it activating on my computer when I am a client? Is it being used to DoSA Finland as I move Orks?

Big company like Skype is scrutinized and has assets to lose in a lawsuit. Not sure Epic Table is bonafide. I tend to be trusting; people have good intentions. Until they have business trouble. Then, I've seen all manner of shady. What's the worst that can happen?

Well, I've already had to start over (several times) with harddisk wipes to get rid of ransomware, popups and other assorted trauma. That was just from clicking the wrong url. Java will kill us all. Java is the language of the robot masters. Death to them, and JAVA, JAVA!

Let me know when you want to try your table game.



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Perhaps needed some clarification -- Somewhere Else Conrad (posted: 11/20/2017) 
I trust you -- we're engineers -- red (posted: 11/20/2017) 
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