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Windows Only ... but ...


I'm running on a 7 year old laptop with 6GB RAM and wireless and it's running well.

I think my Windows 7 machine Firewall just asked on the port but I don't even think it did that.

You can create your own game with the downloaded package for 30 days. After that, your choices are limited. But, you can join any game you wish. (Demo, standard, test license all the same and all free.)

Skype is a feeebie but get it hooked up in advance for best results. (Skype is good to have anyway.)

Email me at Conrad@spacegamer.com and I'll send you my Skype address to test if you need. (Tony and Squires are already set up and I know Morrison eats that stuff for breakfast.)

Didn't Red update the Cutlass copy on line ... you have to delete your copy and refresh the download?


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