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Mission One, Not to be Refused


Red’s Cutlass Campaign Mission Sequence

Mission One – Excursion to Ethiopia
Patron Knave Coins, inv. Vendor/Monger, Leroy Lejeune: A common peddler of second hand silks, Leroy is someone on the cusp of wealth. This mission is a step toward his advancement. Inverted, the peddler thinks he is more powerful than he is. Worse, he probably convinces the inexperienced players that he is going to be a guildmaster sooner, not later. Land & Riches: Improbable.
Quirk Death: Patron is Dashing and has killed before, though strictly in self defense.

Quirk Justice, inv.: Patron has a long record of arrests, but no convictions. He’s a nephew of the Lord High Mayor of Paris.

Mission Queen Cups, inv.: Stop a planned expedition of discovery led by the rival, Álvaro de Bazánr out of Cartegena. Not just a port action of preventing the outfitting of a ship and sabotaging the launch date. The players must also infiltrate the crew, begin the voyage, and then interfere with or obstruct the rival captain. Álvaro will be intent, if not this voyage but the next, to validate his discovery. He keeps a Navigator’s map and key of his progress to chart the shores. However, his death will not guarantee success and may bring a more capable man to command with the sympathy of the crew, allied to completing the dead leader’s aspirations. Recover his map and key (at the Climax).

Twist Magician inv.: Someone must pretend to be something he is not to succeed. This misconception must be played on the patron as well as the rival captain. Someone must pretend to speak Ethiopian. For what its worth, Red’s character, Bartolomeu Dias, is an Interpreter. There is a small chance the applicant will be tested, ORDINARY roll by Interpreter to succeed in bluff. TASKING roll by anyone else.

Motive Knight Swords: Leroy thinks this mission is a steady means of increasing his own glory and wealth. He may be mistaken. There are many who have traveled off the map.

Of course there's more, I detailing the first fourteen missions to stay ahead of any Sixes and Sevens, or simply player fear. "That's it, I quit this one!"

Most are easier since I have a campaign I made using Book Four. Plus, plug, buy the game for Kindle on PC, please.

Also, I'm leaving the game up for people to test connections on EPIC TABLE.



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