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Q&D Escaping the Cyclones


Q&D Escaping the Cyclones
Any King: Shake-off your desire to hasten the progression of events. Fail your roll, and you and one other player of your choosing receive an Irregular Bane. (Here on Mission One, First Mate Visser Voor in't Wouters forgives your brief insanity, as he has seen what the Cyclones can do to a man.) Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Cunning
Any Queen: The men grow fearful in anticipation of meeting the storm and Davy Jones face-to-face. Fail roll and crew is demoralized. All players continue with Digressions #A. Difficulty: 5 Advantage: Lordly
Any Knight: Resist your impulse to challenge someone to a half-hearted duel to mask your sweat-sweet fears. Fail and lose one Swaggering Technique of your choice. Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Fencer
Any Knave: You have survived, but knocked out in the storm. The injury will last through the next deck encounter, in which, you are feverishly in a hammock below. All players yet to roll suffer a minus one penalty. Note, you are also safe from Queen results.
Any Ten: Gazing out at the calm night waters, you feel yourself rise and are flung skyward. Fail and you land far out in the water (Digression #A). Difficulty: 8 Advantage: Stout
Any Nine: Plot a course past the crashing waves, which rock your ship. Fail and one random player character, of those yet to roll, is lost overboard (Digression #A). Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Navigator
Any Eight: Comfort a companion who complains of evil chills. Fail and one player character at random receives a Vicious wound. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Physician
Any Seven: Make a general inspection of the masts for your own peace of mind. Fail and injured for a vicious by a falling spar. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Architect-Shipwright
Any Six: Leap back away from a dislodged water barrel, tumbling from the gallery balcony above. Fail and choice: Vicious or overboard (Digression #A). Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Dashing
Any Five: By fluke or intrigue, you find yourself overboard, bobbing in the sea, calling for help. If you can’t swim, you’re character has drowned. (Yes, dead.) Fail and you are lost overboard (Digression #A). Difficulty: 8 Advantage: Attract Fire
Any Four: Direct the men to set the sheets to prevent tattering in the erratic winds. You feel invigorated by this encounter. Fail and lose a point of Speed Factor. Difficulty: 13 Advantage: Sailor
Any Three: Did you ensure in the days prior to this one that all were properly prepared for every contingency. Fail and a tenth of the sailors in the crew are lost to fluke accidents. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Accountant-Bookkeeper
Any Two: Steer clear of the squalls ahead. Fail and ship takes damage like this was a Barrage card. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Captain-Pilot
Any Ace: Survive the storm, though you thought you saw a dead relative beckoning you to jump overboard. All remaining players roll at minus one penalty.
Magician: Ship is leaking below decks. The patch needs a dry dock. Add Bad Trait III. Damaged.
High Priestess: Select any Minor card from the discard for your event.
Empress: Ignore the effect of all future Major Tarot.
Emperor: The crew is badly shaken; add Trait I. Gun Shy.
Pope: Crew appoints one of the players as grumbler. They all like the way he curses at the winds.
Lovers: For the remainder of these tables, as one player takes his action, the last one to also get a card will share the event. So, some of the players will be making two rolls each to survive.
Chariot: Crew demands a new commander. Add Bad Trait V. Disorderly.
Justice: Soldiers are in a foul mood. They demand all their pay and then some. Add Bad Trait IX. Cheated.
Hermit: Crew fears an ill-omen. Then all the rats from the bilge run forth on deck. Willies! Plus gain Bad Trait VIII. Pestilence.
Wheel of Fortune: Reshuffle and continue.
Force: The rum kettle is suddenly empty. Add Bad Trait XI. Unruly.
Hangman: Weather is most foul. But it also blows with a sour smell. Add Bad Trait II. Plagued.
Death: Stores have become infested with crabs and spoiled with poisonous urchins. Add Bad Trait VII. Starving.
Temperance: Commander disappears. He will not leave his locked cabin for the remainder of the mission, until the Climax or Epilog. On a long voyage, he may starve in there.
Devil: Ship is off-course. Go back one Setting and repeat those encounters. The Phase, also, has declinated by one. Best to know the Cyclones is a poor choice to get to the Spice Lands.
Tower of Destruction: Stowaway appears ranting a raving. Every player receives a Bane (card suit determines which), before this distraction is finally put down.
Moon: Ship runs aground in shallows. The men at first refuse to launch jollys to pull her free. Add Bad Trait IV. Impressed.
Star: Cancel the effect of any Major Tarot influencing play. However, half of any Bad Traits received in this event are retained.
Sun: Crew is struck by the brevity of life and feels a change of purpose is in order. Add Bad Trait VI. Pyrate.
World: When the clouds clear, the fog desends. Later, not much has been left unspoiled, including the character of your shipmates. Add Bad Trait X. Corrupt.
Judgment: The leader of the ship changes by proclamation. (For Mission One, this means First Mate Visser Voor in't Wouters takes over as a true Captain-Pilot not Ship’s General Álvaro de Bazánr out of Cartegena.)
Fool: Lightning on the sea is wondrous to behold. For the remainder of the events on these tables, substitute Vicious wounds for any failed result of Digression tables.



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