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Here's how My Character Fared


Bartolomeu Dias (Red)
Traits: Cunning (commoner), Dashing
Skills: Navigator, Briber, Forger, Swimmer, Intrepreter, Literacy, Sailor, Tinker, Merchant
Swaggering: None
Speaks the languages of France (French), England (English), Spain (Spanish), Netherlands (Dutch), Kleef (Nordic)
Social Status=2 (Gentleman)
Notes: Fully Armed and Ready w/ purse, hat and boots for travel.
Ignobles Left to Fulfill: Conflict of Arms, Risk-Audacity, Growth

A gentleman, recently graduated from university in Madrid, yet not of a desire to join the clergy. He and the Church disagree in the sinfulness of carnal affairs. Saw his first companion to die, Jules Beaufort, in Battle of Rusty Excellency.

First Adventure 29 Nov
*Set sail for the Coasts off Zanzibar for Maritime Management.
*Captured a merchant vessel of Kleef for Prizes.
*Fought Ethiopian Galley to victory, check Engagement.
*Decided the fate of three Englishmen--hanging--for Display of Skills.
*The Navigator who sailed the Cyclones for Fame.
*Fought the First Mate of Virgin Star, Visser Voor in't Wouters, for Duels.



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